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Atmel AT89sXXX Programmer with Serial Port.
From: http://www.todor.topolov.com


The main reason I developed this programmer is because I needed it. All ISP programmers I could find would work on the LPT, which appears to be different depending on the motherboard used. This is why most of the ISP-s for AT89s52 I tried either worked partially or didn't work at all. So I set myself disigning my own, working on the RS232, and last, but not least, decided I should share it with others in the same position. All you need is any AT89 micro (AT89C2051 is what I use because ot its small size and low cost), an RS232 tranceiver (max232 is a perfect solution), a few resistors and that's all.

The Programmer is powered from the target board. The AT89xx micro should be programmed with the programmer firmware. The PC software is easy to use and designed especially for batch programming. Currently, the only supported micro is AT89S52 and maybe AT89S51, but I have not tested it yet. The crystal for the programmer board should be either 11059,2 or 22118,4. To use the 11059,2 you should include -S (Slow mode) in the command line. All command line parameters are displayed by the program itself. It uses BIN files as input, so the use of hex2bin.exe could be necessary. I have only tested the program on WinXP but I suppose it should work on older versions, too. The download links are below. Enjoy!


Download Software Programmer: 89s52prog.exe

Download Hex File: 89s52prog.hex

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