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C-52EVB Robot Microcontroller 8051

This page is came from http://www.chaokhun.kmitl.ac.th/
Wichit Sirichote, kswichit@kmitl.ac.th


Use a C-52 EVB for simple robot experiments. Build a simple two wheels robot with L293D H-Bridge driver and IR sensors. Write a C program controls robot tracked with black tape. Fun with Ving-Peaw Competition 2543, course layout, day-by-day changed rule and scoring also included!


One of my student has made a disgraceful robot that used two stepper motors and with a simple IR sensor. Yes, above picture is what I'm talking. Without battery carrying, a little bit torque of the stepper and misalignment of driving shaft, makes it crawling not walking, but first demo, showed quite impressive to me. He said he wrote a couple of program lines using C, his robot can track the black tape. I feel delighted his intention and endeavor. I thought, " he borrowed me DS5000, expensive one, a soft uController with internal bootloader, why shouldn't try with our learning board C-52 Evaluation Board instead". Another one, told me the same day "I found the L293 Push/Pull Four Channel Driver at Ban-Moah, it costs 1.5 US$ ". I've been searching this chip for a year. The MiniBoard, a Motorola 68HC11 Robot Controller board designed by Fred G. Martin, also uses this driver. The day after, I then decided to prepare the page describing how to use C-52 EVB as a robot controller board. I asked my student for competition, build yourselves robot that can track the black tape. Prize for the winner is 100 US$, with a bit condition that the winner must pay for a big party at Soi Jinda's Somtum (Papaya Salad) shop. And one of the competitor is me. I thought the rule should be conceived roughly by students and technically by me. The picture on that day will put here soon.

C-52 EVB resources

Beforehand, let look at available resources of C-52 EVB for robot experiments.

DC motor 
PWM with 
timer2 helps 
 IR detector
with comparator chip/ for analog input, see 
use of PIC16C711
 digital input/T0,T1 for pulse input 
C program 
available code and data space approx. 32kB