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9 Januari 2011

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Programmer and Target 89s51

Ready to run Atmel programmer will program AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53, and AT89S8252.
Easy to use Windows Programming software is included.
Works from a 5Vdc power source (not included).

• Programs most MCS-51 AT series microcontrollers
• Programming ISP via USB Port
• Small and Lightweight Unit
• Windows Software Included
• All I/O pins connected to headers for easy external connections.
• Download Software and Sample Code Included
• Circuit Schematic Included


Devices Supported
• 40 Pin: AT89S8252, AT89S51, AT89S52,AT89S53


Please note: Power supply is not included, a regulated 5 volt dc supply is required.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Features

• 70mm x 70mm
• Tinned and Solder Masked
• Component Overlay Diagram (on top)
• Single sided circuit board

To use the programmer you will require:

A PC with a Pentium CPU or greater with a minimum or 64MB RAM with a CDROM drive and Parallel Port, running Windows 98® or above.
M IDE-51® or Similar Editor / assembler / Compiler - Free Provided.
ATMEL ISP Software - Free Provided by ATMEL Corp.
5v DC regulated power supply 500mA or greater with 2 pin header female connector.

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